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We wanted to make sure you get started with the right program an this is why we have a few suggestions based on content, importance and structure of each Course.

Have you ever heard that it's all about the way you kick things off?, Which is why we want to put you in the best direction from the get go! So let's start with The Power of Being, this program not only offers a very quick and easy solution that builds up the Neural Pathways in your mind but also assists you in obtaining any goal you set out to accomplish for yourself…

Quoting one of our students about this program:  “The “Power Of Being” program has had a positive effect in a very short time. It’s effortless to listen to the recordings and refocus on a great outcome. I’ve already seen results in my focus and direction in business.” Jay Williams

Thank you Jay! And this is one of the many reasons why we think this is the best gift you can give to yourself and others, your ongoing personal development—getting better, stronger, becoming wiser.

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Once you have the keys to the power that lies within your own self you can move on with another favorite of mine the Keys to Yes.

Logical communicators sell only to the conscious mind and that is one of their biggest mistakes, but it's not their fault... they don't know any better. They believe, like most people do, that everything is done for a good and logical reason.

We are here to tell you that you've been struggling to get your message to the wrong part of the person, the real reason usually lies outside of consciousness.

Selling to the unconscious mind is the fast track to yes. In the Keys to Yes program you will easily harness the vast power of the unconscious mind. Your words will have a bigger impact and your speeches will not hit a death end, on the other hand it will be as solid and effective as possible.


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For building the foundation for any argument and win you'll need the Structure of Thought a program that helps you discover the 9 most critical patterns for decoding someone's thoughts and emotional strategies.
Not only does it provide with exercises to develop the ability to hear the patterns but also to put them to use in everyday conversations when necessary. You'll have countless examples of the patterns used in the real situations including: selling, relationships, negotiations and more.
By the time you finish The Structure Of Thought, you will transform knowledge into automatic behaviors. By applying our Neuro Imprinting Sessionsand our brand new Sleep Integration Technology™.
Implementing the latest proven brain wave technologies to turn conscious knowledge into repeatable results will make all the difference.
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